Rock music has always had it's share of "friendly" trash talking between bands.  GWAR's frontman made no exception when he bad-mouthed Hellyeah on stage at a show in New York.

At a local show in Buffalo New York,  Oderous Urungus, Frontman for GWAR lit up Hellyeah's ability to name a band along with some not so nice terms about the members themselves.  This is nothing new in the rock world, bands have been doing it for years.  It keeps the acts fresh and the listeners entertained.

Here is what Oderous had to say:  "How 'bout that new HELLYEAH record? Pretty good, huh? What a great name for a band — Hell, yeah. That is so awesome. How did those fat, stupid dudes from Texas ever come up with something so awesome? How did those fat, dumbass, tattooed, ignorant, inbred fu*&@ ever come up with such an amazing idea as HELLYEAH? Wow, Stephen Hawking, move over! Hahahahaha!"

I don't know that I would call it "friendly,"  but whether you agree with him or not it is definatly entertaining and just goes to show that GWAR will always be....GWAR.

Check out the video for a good laugh.