I'm just going to go ahead and say it, I'm not a big fan of Halloween, or scary things for that matter. Why else do you think for the past six years I've always made Woody go in front of me when we go make our annual visit to Nightmare on 19th, that crazy woman LOVES that stuff! Me, I enjoy checking out Nightmare because the detail in the attractions, the attention to detail, the costumes, and the makeup  are truly amazing, like good enough to be used as movie sets amazing! Put it all together and it all becomes too realistic for me and my dislike of peeing myself.

Last year, I was talked into attending a Halloween party with Woody and as we started our hunt for costumes I realized a few things, first the stuff they have for men to choose from are either creepy or just stupid, seriously what grown man wants to dress up as a politician or a football player?

The choice for women on the other hand seem to pretty much have one theme regardless of what the actual costume is, and that would be, well without sounding prudish,  well, "sexy."

Now, don't get me wrong I  see nothing wrong with the sexy cop outfit, or the naughty nurse, I love the vampy vampire and I'm all about the debatchary loving pirate wench.

What I don't understand is a few of the trends I've seen this year... naughty corn on the cobb? a sexy hamburger? What about sexed up Bert and Ernie?

Somethings are really better just left alone...