Halloween is one of the most looked forward to and celebrated holiday in the city of Lubbock. You can always find something to do during the month of October and on Halloween night itself. From haunted houses, parties, trick or treating and so much more, there is always something to do in the city of Lubbock. Here is our list of the top 5 Halloween parties and events in the Hub City.

  • Trick or Treating

    It's the classic Halloween past time. Trick or treating is still very common on the weekend of Halloween and Halloween night itself. You can find many of trick or treaters around the city of Lubbock and many will go to the south part of the city. Grab your pumpkin candy bucket and head out for the fun.

    Scott & Elaine van der Chijs, Flickr
  • Klusoz

    Klusoz always has a great Halloween party and they have some of the best party music in the city. You'll find the hottest guys and girls in the city at Klusoz's for their big Halloween party. Make sure you come in a costume though because if you don't you may not get in.

  • Chimy's

    They may not have an official Halloween party but it's the place to be any night of the week in Lubbock so why not add Halloween night to that. It's the best place to start your Halloween party night with 5 other bars withing walking distance. Get there early to get a table and to grab a ghoulish margarita.

  • Cricket's

    Cricket's is one of those five bars you can go to after Chimy's closes down. They may not have the cheapest drinks in Lubbock but it will be a great place to be in Lubbock on Halloween. You can bet your bottom dollar that everyone that will be at Cricket's that night will be in costume.

  • Nightmare on 19th Street

    Nightmare on 19th street has been a staple in the city of Lubbock for Halloween over the past few years. With three attractions to go through, Nightmare is like a haunted amusement park. Blood Moon Manor, City of the Lost and Dr. Nexum's Sanitarium will leave you with a chill down your spine, a rapid heart rate and wet pants. Make it a point to go out to Nightmare on 19th street sometime during the month of October and be prepared to be scared poopless.

    Nightmare on 19th Street