With Halloween approaching so fast I can't help but reflect on my own experiences as a child and feel a little sad for the kids of today.

When I was a kid Halloween was the best night of the year, it was the one night mom would let us stay up a little later then normal and let us roam the streets of the neighborhood dressed as our favorite superhero or monster of the year.

Going door to door and collecting bags and bags full of candy from strangers was seriously one of the best parts of being a kid and it makes me sad to think how kids of today will never be able to know how fun it was.

There is a movement going on to try to help bring that night of joy back to kids by encouraging area residents to stock up on candy, turn on their porch lights, open up their front doors and let kids and their parents know you welcome trick or treaters.

I hope everyone of you reading this will do what I plan to do and bring Halloween back to the kids this year.