The list goes on and on how you can define metal and what metal band fits into the genre and the sub-genre's go on and on, nu-metal, black metal, unblack metal, death metal, core metal, death core metal, grind core metal, sludge metal, thrash metal, speed metal, hardcore metal, viking metal, doom metal and there are even sub-genre's or the sub genre's it's gets a little crazy and now can we add Hand Fart metal?

One of my favorite metal bands Gojira recently threw down their first ever performance in Israel. The band were doing a signing session and were met by fan who preceded to perform his hand fart technique to a Gojira track entitled "Flying Whales" and it sounded awesome!

I can promise you one thing that if I had this kind of talent I would be following people all day long and having a blast!

Checkout this awesome video and get your horns up of the new sub-genre of metal, HAND FART METAL!