Kurt Cobain would have been 45 today. It's hard to imagine what he would be doing.  Part of his core was a rejection of the old.  I would think that the records he would make today would still sound like down tempo Nirvana, but maybe just a little less structured and a little more experimental.  Of course, I base this on current stuff from Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, but who knows.  More after the jump.

A lot of people want to center the whole "grunge" movement around Nirvana and that simple wasn't true, or was it?  I would say that Nirvana ended up being the eye of the hurricane, but it was really about an entire new generation wanting their own bands.  Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam centered the grunge, but let's not forget the return to real punk rock with Green Day and a return to real roots rock with The Black Crowes.  Guns N' Roses and Creed also pitched in a bazillion in sales and let's not forget Stevie Ray Vaughan.  All benefited from the death of hair metal.  It's also important to point out to the surviving hair metal band fans out there, that Nirvana didn't "kill" your music, that was just the media's take on it.  The music was on it's last legs creatively.  No one "made you" stop listening to that music, the bands just didn't have anything to offer you anymore.  Let's not forget, G n' R, they offered something new and made a rougher variation of the current metal for most of a decade.

So without Kurt here today, what is the future of music?  Well, I don't think we're due for an entire overhaul of rock for a little bit. I think what will happen is a slew of these "core" bands will break up, and reform with a real vocalist.  From that we'll get real songs but with doom, metal and even punky music behind it.  That's just a guess, we could experience a return to acoustic as well.

Anyways, back to Kurt.  I wish he was still here making music and being a dad to his daughter.  I would love to see a GNR/Nirvana jam at the Hall Of Fame.  I could see them jammin' some In Bloom, but it would be more likely that Kurt wouldn't have shown up.  I also understand his desire to quit while he was ahead, I just wish it wouldn't have been with a bullet. I think he could've just kept writing and releasing cool stuff from a cabin in the woods.  He could have had his privacy and his music, he just needed to let things chill for a bit.

I did a "Real Five" on Nirvana a while back. If you'd like to check out their top five most played tracks, you can see them in video form by clicking on the link.

The following didn't make the "Real Five", it is in fact as Kurt said "a David Bowie" track, but for some reason it feels right for inclusion here: