Batman turns 73 today.  Of course Batman arrived fully grown in Detective Comics #27 on this day in 1939.  At that time he was "the Bat-Man". 

It seems everybody has a favorite Superhero, if forced to choose, I'd go with Batman.  I like the whole vigilante/avenging angel thing, I just think it all would have been better if he had been some poor kid who came up looking for justice.  The whole "millionaire" Bruce Wayne thing kind of always turned me off.  I wanted this guy kicking ass 24/7, not waiting for some stuff to go down at a cocktail party.

I got this image of the first "Bat-Man" comic book from a place called "Graham Crackers".  They will sell you a copy for about $75,000.00.  Just click through to buy your own copy.

So to be honest, I was always into "Mad Magazine" and "Conan The Barbarian". What did you read when you were "comic book age"? Who was your favorite?