You want to see a butt that is 'to die for'?  Gwyneth Paltrow has the boom boom that knocks me out in "Shallow Hal".  It's just one of my two favorite Gwyneth Paltrow moments.  More after the jump.


Yes my Gwyneth shakes it in "Shallow Hal" and someone has fortunately looped it for you long enough to get some business done.

My second favorite "Gwyneth Moment" come from the movie "Shakespeare In Love" ( I in face have a skeleton version of her character tattooed right on the front of my leg).  During the movie, for some reason or another, she has to appear as a male, so they show her topless before strapping her down (or the reverse, I can't quite remember).  It was completely necessary, but very breathtaking.  She also does a little nudity when she and Shakespeare do the dirty.  Yum!  Happy birthday girl!