As many of you know, I'm a part-owner of "Nightmare On 19th Street".  I tend to do the construction type stuff and my partner tends to do the creative stuff (it's pretty much the exact opposite of our 'real' jobs).  Occasionally he has an idea that is a little beyond me.  For instance, he always wanted to do some sort of psychedelic freak out scene with a scary Easter bunny.  I pretty much told him I was more into serial killers and zombies than whacked out holiday icons, but he still got the "scary Easter bunny" suit.  You'll get to see that suit in action after the jump.

So the name of the suit is "Peter Rottentail".  They are available all over the web if you find yourself in need of one.  Evidently people are much more afraid of Easter Bunnies than I thought.  So here's a trio of scares for ya.