On this Valentine's Day I got to thinking about how there are so many songs about love, doesn't it just make you feel all warm inside?!

If you ever need to get in good with your significant other all you have to do is call the radio station and request a sweet love song and all of a sudden they are in the mood.

The same rings true of songs about how much love sucks. If you want to tell someone you're done with them or that you're over them you can request a song about how crappy love can be.

So this Valentine's Day to all of you in love congratulations and may you enjoy the day!

And to those of you who don't have a special someone to spend today with, remember no matter who thinks your a "Loser", or how bad "She ****ing Hates Me,"  there will always be someone to put "Roses On My Grave."

"Love Stinks!"

Now pour me a drink and I'll tell you some lies while you check out the videos...