I'm not necessarily old school, but when it comes to my favorite bands, I want the c.d. with case. After checking my local record store for a couple of titles, I had come up short (record stores seem to focus more on movies and video games than music these days). I then went over to Amazon, I bought two titles and bought some other songs via download. I really liked the immediate satisfaction of the downloads, but it almost seems like you're renting an audio file more than anything else. On the other hand when I buy a c.d. I feel emotionaly invested in the artists career. I like to read who wrote the songs, who played on what, the stupid comments and whatever pictures the artist though were important to include.

Simply put, downloading seems fine for songs you like, buying the c.d. seems like the thing to do for bands you like.  It seems like the artists are catching on to.  I purchased a "limited deluxe edition" of the new Monster Magnet "Mastermind".  Now usually, this usually means a couple extra songs, and yes I did get two extra, but it's the packaging that makes me stoked.  The c.d. came in a case that was bound like a small book.  The pages inside were high-quality black paper featuring the lyrics.  There was even a small insert with the bands tour dates on it.  It's really nice, but that's not the only way MM serves it up.  You can get the album on two l.p.s with a  c.d. and a USB stick (which is how I think all downloads should be sold-cool USB thumbdrive you can put on your keychain with the bands logo).  Anyways, I'm not really trying to sell you on Monster Magnet (more on that later) I'm just trying to focus on a band that treats its fans right.  If an artist serves up a c.d. in cardboard sleeve or just a plastic cover, then you might as well download, but check the options if you can, there are some real prizes out there.    This c.d. package I bought was a little under $14 but it looks like something they'd sell for $25.  So in essence I feel like I invested in Monster Magnet while they gave me great value to invest in me.

Now, onto Monster Magnet.  I don't know why I developed a fascination with this band.  I can tell you I was really into Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult  coming up.  Now, if all you know about Blue Oyster Cult is what you hear on the radio, you're missing out.  In their time B.O.C. was a sci-fi Black Sabbath and every bit as subversive and hated by parents as Sabbath.  Now as I write this I'm only seven tracks into the 14 track c.d. and I can already tell you it's MM most polished and consistent c.d. since Powertrip, and it may even be better.

Anyways, enjoy a couple Monster Magnet videos.

THIS NEXT VIDEO FEATURES A LOT OF PROFANITY.  BEWARE.  But the performance is sooooo good.  Dave looks a little puffy, but you'll see why I love this band..the performance is incredible (and from this year)