This one is bugging me big time.  It's the new practice of using hashtags (#) as shorthand or a punchline for a joke.  It was especially infuriating when used on places other than Twitter.


Do you not know what "hashtag" gags are? Let me give you an example. Let's say a women will post:  I have home improvement! #paintingsux, #tiredmom.  .  Now in these cases the hashtags are clearly not for use, they're just used for effect or as an attempt at humor. You can almost hear a trombone going "Wha-whaaa" it's that weak of a gag. Seriously, unless you're abbreviating something to fit into Twitters character limit, then don't take that writing style to other places. So can we stop this now?

#disgusted, #tired of it, #weakassjokes