We've announced some pretty big concerts over the last weeks.  We've got the FMX Birthday Bash, X-Fest and even Rooster's Birthday Bash.  We have five of the top rock acts and a couple giant metal acts coming to town and that's still not enough for some haters.

Here's the deal. If you are not interested in a show, we don't want your opinion. We don't care. We know what our core listeners want and we deliver it to them time after time after time. When you post something hateful on a show announcement, all that's going to happen is we're going to erase you or block you. We aren't afraid of your comments and they aren't going to hurt us, we just feel that the people who are excited about the show deserve a chance to celebrate without you bring them down for no good reason.

So how does this affect you haters and trolls? Well, once you're blocked, you no longer get a chance to comment on the shows you do like or would like to see come to town. We truly WOULD like to hear from everybody.

On occasion we help the promoters decide on what metal and alternative shows to bring to town and the more information we have the better. For example, even though we only feature Lamb Of God on Everything Goes Black, that show would not have come to Lubbock if FMX hadn't got in there and lobbied hard for it.

So instead of harshing on someone else's good time, why not start a new post with who you would like to see? We'll listen to any and all POSITIVE input. If you insist on being negative, you can do that all by yourself.