I guess you could say Facebook turns people into jerks.  Then again it could just allow peoples inner-jerks to come out.  It allows them to talk trash that they'd never have the balls to talk in public.


Here's a case in point. In a post here I had said that we can't announce the Birthday Bash.  Immediately someone posted on our Facebook page "it's probably going to be a bunch of sh!tty bands like 5FDP".  Now, why would you IMMEDIATELY go there?  First, 5FDP drew about 6000 last time they were in town, were really nice guys and we'd be lucky to have them.  Next, why make a point of saying something sh!tty in the first place?  The Bash is part homecoming, part concert and part party. It's unlike any other show during the year. We have people that will buy tickets that say "FMX Birthday Bash" on them who have no idea who is playing.  I can give you three facts about the FMX Birthday Bash that say it all:

1. No matter who it is, there will be whiny little bitches complaining.

2. It will sell out.

3. The next day people will be saying "You should have been there".

This will be our 33rd FMX Birthday Bash.  We don't fart around. We got bands we know will sell out the Pavilion and will be a BLAST to hoist a couple of beers to.  We know these bands will draw from all age groups and men and women.  It's going rock.

I guess I strayed from the main topic here, but this particular instance really showcases what jerks people have become. If you posted "the sky is blue" on Facebook, some angry douche is going to compose a ten minute red-faced response on how "it's actually bluish-white and the government has drones up there where the chem-trails are and Obama doesn't like Duck Dynasty so their taking our rights away while blah, blah, blah blah...SO DON'T TELL ME THE SKY IS BLUE!"

I got an idea, instead of posting sh!tty messages about what you don't like, how about some suggestions?  That's what any reasonable person that doesn't have something crawling up their butt would do. I'll also admit that it's my first response to defend the things I love so well, but I at least try not to be sh!tty out of the gate.  So let's change things up for a couple of days.  It's almost Xmas.  Be nice.

***UPDATE***  The guy who inspired this article seems to be a good guy, but I wanted to leave this post up because it's something that we deal with constantly.  So my apologies to any individual, but we can all be cooler to each other because of the lessons learned.