"Disarm The Descent" is the name of the new album from Killswitch Engage and this is the best work the band has done in a very long time.

From start to finish this album is great front to back. Jesse Leach is a beast on vocals and not one track does he seem to lose focus on. "The Hell In Me" is one of my favorite tracks that has a crazy chorus that you will be singing. Straight up this is a heavy, hooky album that will make an impact on the scene.


If you are expecting a Killswitch Engage feel when Howard Jones was on vocals, well you will not get it on this album.

You will not be disappointed in this album and is a must have for any collection. The album is available at all stores and is set at a very low price $7.99 at some stores.

Anyways, I give my bros in KsE huge props for putting themselves back on top on the heavy music scene. They have proven to all haters that they all have what it takes to continue to put on great live shows and still put out great music. Now all we have to do is get them back here in Lubbock in support of their new album.