Stone Sour have a very trippy, menacing and intriguing graphic up on a new website named after their new albums.  It's and if you hover over the correct spot you can get a little listen to one of the songs off the new album; there is a catch however.  More after the jump.

The trick to a 'sneak listen' of the new Stone Sour is the cost of a share on Facebook.  You have to basically 'like' them and agree for them to appear on your Facebook feed in order to get a brief listen.  That is certainly not a problem for me, so what did I get for my 'like/share'?  A smoking 10-15 instrumental/guitar solo that actually sounded like "Stone Sour meets Avenged Sevenfold" (specifically part of "Bat Country").  It's no matter, I like both bands and it's good to hear that there are going to be some balls out rockers on the c.d.  Anyways, if you're interested in checking it out yourself, you can go right here.  Just hover over the fourth box from the top on the left hand side (incidentally, it is the only one that says "Listen" on it).

There is one other way to hear it.  Just click on the player below.