Man, I don't want to bit anybody's style, but I read somewhere that "Hellyeah finally delivered on their potential" or something to that effect.  It's exactly how I feel about the news song.  It's the song we've been waiting for from this super group and now we have a video to go with it.

Gilbert Carrasquillo, Getty Images

The new song is called "Sangre Por Sangre" which means "blood for blood".  The tune rocks mixing in a little old school with the new school.  There's even something about one of the riffs that reminds me of Judas Priest; not any particular song, but it just seems like something that classic team of Glen Tipton and K.K.Dowling would write.

It may seem crazy that it would take into a third album for the band to find their footing, but it used to pretty much be a standard things.  Just a very short list of bands that didn't "pop" until they hit their third album would include superstars like Aerosmith, Green Day and to a lesser degree, Soundgarden.