Some really big news coming out of the Hellyeah camp, with the announcement that Hellyeah has parted ways with their guitarist and bassist.

Bassist Bob "Zilla" (Damageplan) and guitarist Greg Tribbett (Mudvayne) are no longer with Hellyeah and I am a little disappointed to see them no longer with Hellyeah. Kyle Sanders of Bloodsimple looks to be the replacement for Bob Zilla.

When Wes and I were talking about this the first thing we started discussing was the relationship between vocalist Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett both of Mudvayne. I feel like that we have seen the last of Mudvayne if the relationship is rocky between Chad and Greg. To quote Wes "If those 2 bros can't keep it together with the side band, I bet Mudvayne is done" which sucks. Of course this is just talk between myself and Wes and we both hope to see Mudvayne back together.

The new Hellyeah album is entitled "Blood For Blood" and is set for a June 10th release date.

We wish Bob Zilla and Greg Tribbett nothing but the best in their future gigs.