With the announcement of the departure of Bob Zilla and Greg Tribbett of Hellyeah we have an answer to who is the new bassist of Hellyeah is and you can meet him here.

Kyle Sanders is formerly of Bloodsimple and is a brother to Troy Sanders of Mastodon. i am not gonna lie I was pretty shocked when I hear the announcement that Bob Zilla would no longer be in the band Hellyeah. With the departure of Bob Zilla formerly of Damageplan and Greg Tribbett from Mudvayne tells me that we have seen the last of Mudvayne unless there is a huge festival of some kind in the future but Ihighly doubt we will ever see new music from such an incredible band.

"Blood For Blood" is the title of the new Hellyeah album and is set for a June 10th release date.

Hellyeah is also apart of the FMX Big Purple Party which is in town May 25th. Checkout the video and meet the new bassist of Hellyeah Kyle Sanders.