Tasha Nickole is a local model and all around hottie. I'm familiar with her because she was gracious enough to do some modeling for Nightmare On 19th Street.  For this, and for the very fact that she even speaks to lowly scum such as us, we are in her debt.

Eurisko/Nightmare On 19th Street

Tasha is currently in a contest and you're the winner.  Just take this link and vote for Tasha by liking the pic. That's it. Tasha gives you some eye candy and you "like" it.  Do you have a problem with this?  If so, take your Man Card, paint it pink and go get a pedicure or something.

Also, I'm warning you the pic that you're about to look at is very, very sexy.  There's no actual naughty bits but about as close as you can get without revealing anything.

Tasha has been the muse of several photographers. Our Nightmare pictures were taken by Eurisko.  The contest picture which is about to melt your eyes out was taken by Kris Sipes Photograpy.

Please vote for our friend Tasha. That link is once again here.