Christmas stuff has been out in stores, some of it before Halloween.  I hate Christmas.  I at least hate what Christmas has become to most people. To me Christmas is about 90% people trading pieces of plastic crap. A kid gets a toy, a mom gets a foot massager and dad gets a travel mug or something.  More after the jump.



I personally don't give Christmas an religious connotations (and let's save that argument for later).  I DO believe in the 'spirit' of the holidays.  People are just a bit nicer during the holidays. People make big and small, sincere and insincere, but still helpful, efforts to help the less fortunate. People smile during the holidays.

I personally 'reeled it in' for the holidays years ago.  I don't care to participate and decline whenever possible.  I'll belly up to a big dinner with friends, but i don't really want anything other than a big hug from friends.  Of course it's hard to have a more subdued X-mas when there's some kind of kids around.  I had one listener that taught his kid a good thing.  Every year the kid took one of his new toys and gave it to charity. That's a pretty righteous thing to do if you ask me.

So what's this meandering little blog really about?  Well, I'd like the stores to know that I think they're actually spoiling Christmas by making it a three month holiday. I'd also like you to know that it's okay not to give or get ten tons of crap.  Just be nicer, and smile.