I suggest you read the full story from KCBD because you're going to think I'm making this up.  Councilman Victor Hernandez who just escaped a legal battle for not paying his taxes in a timely manner has a new issue to deal with.  Justice Of The Peace Aurora Chaides-Hernandez, who is Victor's wife, is suing her lender for violating her rights by foreclosing on her 325K+ home.  I don't know what rights are being violated, but homes are only foreclosed on when you miss a bunch of payments.  So  evidentally it's a family tradition-don't pay the taxes until forced to, and don't pay the house payments until forced to.  I have a heart for families that have fallen on hard times but you don't get $325,000 homes for free.  Get an apartment or something.  How are we supposed to trust a Councilman and a Justice of the Peace if they think they can skip through life without paying their bills?

At this point please pause for a five second video.

What I REALLY don't understand is somehow Victor gets the people of his district to sympathize with him.  People in district one need to understand that this man isn't working 60 hours a week in a tire shop to make ends meet like a lot of them are.  These jackasses think the world owes them something and they just take it, making the rest of us pay more.