Last night Woody and I headed out for dinner and drinks for our weekly date night outing. At the table next to us there were four pretty tough looking guys with tattoos who were obviously out enjoying an evening of male bonding over a few beers.

As we sat there talking the waitress came over and dropped off drinks at our table and at theirs, only problem is she mixed up the orders and gave them our drinks and us their beers. Giving the largest and toughest of them all Woody's drink.

Any of you that know Woody know she only drinks fruity girly drinks that are brightly colored and typically have little umbrella's in them with little pieces of fruit on the rim of the glass. In other words, you'd expect the wait person to collect any guy who ordered such a drinks man card.

This got us to thinking about what your drink says about you, check it out and see if your personality fits with your favorite drink.