It's tough in the streets for a pimp.  Everybody always wants something. Sometimes it's really random.  We'll go through little streaks where someone somewhere started a rumor and we have to be there to answer the questions.   You'll just be sitting there and out of the blue you'll get a whole bunch of people saying "Is Metallica coming, my friend said Metallica is coming?".  We then have to politely shake our heads, then nicely respond and break their hearts.

Then there are instances in which the bands management of the promoter doesn't want you to announce a show. They have marketing plans to coincide with other markets, album releases and more.  Things get really weird when a few people THINK they know something.  There's a few cases like this where people don't know as much as they think.  Then there are the cases where we're deliberately asked to NOT announce a show.  Now, why would we do that?  Simple.  We want to be able to give you tons of tickets.  The "price" to us of those free tickets is following the marketing plan as laid out by the promoter or the bands management.  The result is often listeners think we're purposely trying to lie to them for some reason.  I guess we kind of are, but it's for your own good.  On those rare occasions where we have to be quiet, would you rather be the first on your block to know, or have a chance at 50 pairs of tickets?  Our guess is, you'd prefer the freebies.

So is that person/band coming to Lubbock?  We'll let you know as soon as we can.  I will tell you to join the V.I.P. club.  They USUALLY find out first and quite often they can save money on tickets.