I'll be honest, I haven't watched a full Texas Tech game since Mike Leach was coach.  The last game I attended, I remember James Hadnot made a touchdown(which research tells me was about 1979).  Still, even as a casual fan, the boosters are wearing me out with their requests.


The latest thing they're asking is for people to "Stripe Out The Game" for the Stephen F. Austin game.  The want people in the even number sections to wear read and the people in the odd number sections to wear black.  I would say, if this wasn't Kliff's home opener, that the place would be striped with open seats, but I think people will turn out for him.  The thing is, the crowd isn't the show. The action is on the field. The next thing is, people like me wear black.  I wear black in the morning, at night, ever day of the week and pretty much every week of the year. You might catch me wearing gray if I'm in a fanciful mood, but that's about it.

You know I was reading an interview with Dimebag Darrel once. He was talking about their early days as a glam band and how one day everybody came into band practice and agreed that "the clothes ain't making this music, we are".  Well, I think that's a good philosophy overall.  The crowds clothes and the football uniforms don't mean squat.  Play some good football and we'll support it, even if we're wearing black Slipknot shirts in the "red section".