Thank you for reading this. By taking the time to read this, you have proven to me that you're not a moron and maybe, perchance you have made a mistake, or maybe just want to use this blog to teach your idiot friends something.  "They Daily Currant" is a satire site. The difference between "The Currant" and say "The Onion" is that the former stays really close to what some people would believe as "the truth" while the later goes for pure outrageousness.


So yesterday people started passing around another story from "The Daily Currant" as if it was true.  It's not, knuckleheads.  No one died from overdosing on pot.  It didn't happen. The actual story was titled "Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization".  If you go to the website, you'll also find the stories "Clay Aiken Joins the Cast of Duck Dynasty" and"Sarah Palin Arrives in South Korea for Mandela Memorial". A lot of people also fell for "Kanye West: ‘I Am The Next Nelson Mandela’".

Guys, anytime something seems a little far-fetched, you might want to take a minute to consider the source.