Early in the month of June, Jesse James Dupree, contacted local artist/sculptor Lynn Day, about creating a one of a kind full blown work of metal art to grace the grounds of the Full Throttle Saloon. The original plan was for Lynn to fabricate a forty foot monster steel chainsaw.Lynn, left for Sturgis, South Dakota on June 16th, not really knowing what he had gotten himself into. After kicking around a few ideas, Full Throttle Saloon owner, Michael Ballard, Jesse, and Lynn decided on a 40 foot long, 36 foot high, Hell Rider.

For six weeks, Lynn, worked 16-18 hours days putting together this incredible work of art; that should have taken 3-6 months to complete.

Today, the Hell Rider to end all Hell Rider's was put into place high about the Full Throttle Saloon for all to see... Even those as far as 5 miles away...We're all proud of you "Hillbilly!"