This Friday the new Dark Knight movie hits theaters, and being the fabulous boyfriend I am (I earned that title by going to see the midnight showing of "Magic Mike,"thank you!) I am sure I will be at the midnight showing of this movie as well.Not that Woody is a huge Batman, or Dark Knight fan, but because the opening scene takes place at Heinz Field and features Hines Ward running for a touchdown as the field collapses amid a terrorist attack by none other than Bane, Batman's arch-nemesis.

There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews about this movie and as with all the previous Batman movies there is the on going debate about who plays the role of Batman the best.

Here's a thought run the movie with picture in picture and have the scene where Matthew McConaughey is singing... I gotta say even if "Dark Knight" is a total bomb it HAS to be better than a movie about male strippers.