Ever notice how people sing along with their favorite songs, there is something great about cranking up the radio and blasting tunes you love; am I right?!

I won't lie there are MANY days I close the door to the control room and jam out; air guitar, drums, and mic all there for only me to see. Man can I rock ! Seriously though, I don't know what is more embarrassing, someone walking in on me and my "air band" or walking in at the exact moment I am mumbling because I am unsure of the exact words to a song.

Admit it you do it too, right? You'll be singing along get to a phrase you don't know so you mumble, or worse, you don't realise you don't know the words so you belt out (loud and proud) what you "think" is being sung.

I can think of SEVERAL songs over the years that I thought said one thing only to find out it was NOTHING like what I thought, here is where the disclaimer comes, I could have been drinking and that could have affected how the words sounded in my head..... Just saying...

For those of you that get a kick out of seeing how screwed up people can get songs check out  kissthisguy.com there is some funny crap on there, makes you wonder what the rest of the world is on when they hear songs and botch them.

In honor of my brothers of Saliva and the upcoming show here are a few of the most misheard lyrics from Josie and the boys, see if you can figure out what songs they are from.

First one....    "And I wanna take you down, but your soul could not be found.
Why must you say, "You're the Seamstress! Get away!"

Say what? For those of you that could not get it the realy lyric is "And I wanna take you down, but your soul cannot be found. It doesn't matter much you see cause your disease is killing me," from the song "Your Disease."

Let's try one more how about this one... "the walrus talked to me," Ummmmm not sure what this dude was listening to but damn that walrus!  the real lyric is "The world is after me," from the song "After Me."

Check out other misheard lyrics and let me know some of your greatest "DOH" lyric moments, and be sure to get your tickets for the show with Filter and Saliva Saturday August 5th in the "Room of Doom" at Jakes!

Rock on my friends!