This is just a snippet of film to come, but it is still pretty terrifying. Just look at the picture with this blog. You can only see a bit looking at you, but that eye is the size of a dinner plate. This thing could yank you apart if it wanted. It's probably pissed that you had calamari at some point in your life and it's looking for revenge.

Dead giant sea squid have washed up and been caught up in nets. Now a Japanese film crew has managed to get footage of one alive in it's natural habitat.

Now in all fairness the full color picture may or may not be CGI effects from the TV special, but there's more than enough monochrome underwater footage to make you pee just a little bit in your swimsuit. These are the varmints that supposed inspired the tales of the "Kraken." I pretty sure these things don't play!

Here's a short clip of a news report that shows some of the footage of a giant squid caught on tape!