Yes, that many exclamation points were definitely necessary.Everybody say "Props" to George Trujillo. I had no idea that this show was filmed and I had no idea that the entire thing was out there. And this is the ENTIRE THING, from when Lars talks to the crowd, the preshow film and the full show that featured the Snakepit. They even film the FMX Purple Spot at the beginning of the video.


Evidently this is a transfer from a videotape, but it is simple an AWESOME, MINDBLOWING moment in FMX and Lubbock's rock history.   If you do nothing else, at least watch the first five minutes where they show of some Lubbock landmarks and Lars comes in (with Jason Newsted).  This is a full two hours and 40 minutes.  30 Minutes of behind the scenes stuff and two hours of Met on stage, in Lubbock.  Get some!