I read this article at Everything Lubbock about government approval levels. It's insane how little faith we have in those people spending our money.

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Get this, the President and the Supreme Court each have an approval rating of 29%.  That sounds pretty sorry, doesn't it? Well get this, Congress has an approval rating of 7%.  I am betting that I could piss on a dog in public and more than 7% of the people will say "well, it's okay, if he REALLY had to pee".

I've had this one idea for a long time and it will never happen.  We should be able to have a total "no confidence" vote and be able to turn them all out.  It's time to get these old rich bastards away from our money and put some new faces in there. While we're at it, let's vote for some scientists for the science committee, educators for the education committee and other people who can offer other experiences so we get a true cross-section of America in Congress.

I'm betting it won't happen.


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