Bikes, hot rods and you are all welcome to the "Hot Bikes & Hot Rod Nights" Party tonight at Chief's Drop Dead Custom.  It a free party but if you'd like, bring a toy to pass along this Christmas season.  More after the jump.

I have always been a 'hot-rod' kind of guy. I'm not a fan of new cars. I like a classic custom re-done and pimped out. I love hot-rod art from pin striping to checkered flags and Big Daddy's "Rat Fink" (some of your know what I'm talking about).  I can't tell you the hours I spent as a kid drooling over hot rod magazines hoping somebody would drop a '32 Chevy Roadster in my lap.  Sadly, I don't have the skills to be my own 'custom' guy.  Fortunately you have guys like "Chief" and his crew who are their to do the pimpin' work for you.

You can get to know the guys at a little party tonight. The guys will be rockin' from 7-10 tonight at 24th and Buddy Holly.  There's live music from Steel Toe, Pinstriping and more.  It's just a great chance to throw down with the bike and hot rod crowd.

Let me know if they left that '32 Roadster around for me.