Something very cool happened to me tonight while I was doing my show live. I had a band just show up at my door, telling me they were here for the radio interview.

Now when I get to the studio around 630pm every night I usually visit with Driver for a little bit get my show all sorted out and get ready for a killer night in The Wrecking Yard. My night started just like every night until our intercom light in the studio started blinking and what was on the other end surprised me very much.

I answer the phone and I hear "Hey, this is TheActionBlast and we are here for our radio interview."

Now this just floored me because I figured it was someone just messing around with me. But when I opened the door and there was a band standing right there ready for their radio interview.

Now they obviously didn't have a radio interview lined up, they just took it upon themselves to drop by the radio station and see what was going on. I mean this never happens anymore in radio. To get a interview with any band there are steps that need to be taken and so forth.

But TheActionBlast were in town on an off day where they are on tour with Trapt. They did their homework on Lubbock's Rock Station and knew that I would be here. Now to all the bands out there trying to make it, here is some advice is to take it upon yourself to make contact with the radio station and I am not talking about texts or emails, I am talking about showing up and getting some face time and saying look this is what we got please take a listen. Also these guys didn't have any kind of ego they were just thankful that I took some time to check them out. I feel like there are bands out there that just think they deserve to played on radio and play for 15,000 people but they don't want to work for it. TheActionBlast, in my opinion, took a risk of stopping here at the station and jsut bing snubbed, but that wasn't the case we made friends and I can not wait to see what is in their future.


TheActionBlast is a rock band out of Chicago and they have a single out entitled "Erased" which I played tonight and it was really good. I am glad that we have made contact with these guys and hopefully we will see them in the future playing a gig here in Lubbock.

Just to wrap this up, I want to say make contact with your radio station, if you know we are going to be somewhere come up introduce your self, drop off a demo and talk music with us.. We are not that hard to get a hold of here at FMX.

Now this may not ever happen again in my career in radio, but you never know what is going to to happen. Just ask Driver what happened in Austin, Texas with a band called Jackyl.

Rock And Roll will always survive and it's because of bands like TheActionBlast that will continue to work hard and get their music heard and I know it will pay off.