Every year, like clockwork, the A.J. trots out a story or editorial on how to pronounce 'Lubbock'.  I have my suggestions next.

The yearly 'dead horse' topic is being beat to death again.  Do you pronounce the name of the city Lubbick, Lubbuck, or Lubbawk?  Let me be the first to say, I don't give a fick, or fawk.  It really doesn't matter.  It really makes me focking mad that this is what passes for a debate around here.  Did you see the story about Lake Alan Henry being at ZERO per cent capacity?  Did we ever solve those hooker murders?  Are old people dying from the heat?  No...around here what passes for news is how to pronounce the towns name.  LAME, A.J., Very LAME.  Of course they may answer "well it got you talking didn't it"?  Actually no, this time we didn't mention it on the air and we're not going to.  I consider this to be another wheeze in the death rattle of the A.J. See ya.