What is a great movie without an equally great soundtrack.  The Avengers is on its way to being one of the highest grossing movies ever but can the soundtrack stand up to the test? 

By now, you have probably heard all sorts of reviews for The Avengers, and without doubt they are all that it is "one of the greatest movies of all time."  Before the release of the movie though, the same was being said about the soundtrack.  With tracks from Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, Shinedown, and Theory of A Deadman, it makes for a  very solid lineup to back up a very solid movie.  No question in my mind that as far as Rockin soundtracks go, this one ranks right up there with "The Crow", and "Queen Of The Damned"

Off The Avengers Soundtrack, a taste of my favorite track "From Out of Nowhere" from Five Finger Death Punch.

Queen of the Damned ranks in next with tracks from Deftones, Johnathon Davis, Static X, and more.  This was just a heavy, dark kick in the teeth. Here's some Static X for ya from the "Queen of The Damned"

Finally we have the soundtrack from "The Crow".  With tracks from The Cure, STP, Henry Rollins and of course Pantera, I would have to call this my favorite of all time.  It's hard, It's heavy and it just kicks coinpurse.  Here's  a taste of some STP from "The Crow."