The internet was developed for the sharing of information.  Now some lawyers are making an entire cottage industry out of suing people who share things.  It doesn't matter if you were being nice or not making money, if they see easy pickins, you're getting sued


Here's the funny thing about the internet-you can say any old nasty thing about somebody or make some outrageous claims or even spread misinformation and chances are nothing is going to happen to you.  However, if you put a picture next to it, you could have your ass sued off.  The people who make and take those pictures have gone lawsuit crazy.  It's said that some are even taking the pictures not because they have any real hope of selling it, but on the off chance it gets used for some reason they can sue over.

This type of thing is having a bit of a chilling effect on those who blog, but that's okay, we've got ways around it.  We have huge stock picture libraries and there are other options.  One of those options is to just put the picture of the author next to the story instead of a picture of the subject of the article.  That's why I'm writing this blog; you're going to be seeing a lot more of my ugly mug!

So consider yourself warned!  The last thing I want to do to you is inflict both an opinion and my old, sad, dog face on you.  It's just not fair that you'd have to suffer a one-two punch like that.  Than again, I have a job to do.