Wes was stopped in the hallway by this gentlemen named bob and bob asked Wes if it was true to not trust people with tattoos. The answer and the reply Wes and I got were so unexpected.

Wes said no that's not true! And the reply he have was priceless bob then said well good cause I have been wearing mine sine 1959. Bob was such an incredible and interesting person I can not wait to have him in studio to talk about having tattoos in the late 50's and through a time where tattoo's were not acceptable. In the picture you can see his classic panther which was touched up 5 years ago by Annie over at Inkfluence.

So finally to answer the question what are gonna do when you are 70 and with tattoos? The answer is simple hang out with other tattooed people and BE F$%KING AWESOME !!

Cheers to our new partner in crime Bob Strong!