I actually love Lubbock. That's why I fight so hard to try to make it a better place. It's why I opened a business here. It's my hope to may my hometown a little cooler.  So, if you also have a little love for the Hub, what's it worth to you to show it off?

The folks at MyPlates who administer the collector license plates for Texas are putting "Lubbock" up for bid.  Now, if you have the winning bid, you'll get the plate for ten years plus first right to renewal for every term after that.  That means, that once someone scores this plate, it could be there's virtually forever.

Just a tip, you're probably going to have to have some serious bank for this plate. The plate for "Houston" went for $25,000.00.

So, how much would you bid on the plate that says "Lubbock" and would you bid that just to resell it, or to keep it?