While you were worrying about how your electrical bill, the city was giving away land for free.  Yeppers!  That's good ole Lubbock politics. Last night after hearing people complain about LP&L's overcharges, the city committed itself to a little "gift".  Five acres of downtown property will now be the property of rich folks so they can see ballet and opera and pretend to understand it.  BUT WAIT THAT'S NOT THE KICKER.

Some of you are actually still of the belief that a "privately funded" performing arts center is good for the city.  First off, let's get rid of the phrase "privately funded".  Getting five acres of downtown land from the city means the city is partially funding the project.  Next, and this KILLS me, is that the city will be paying up $300,000 to tear down the DPS building that is currently on it.  Yep, not only are we giving them land, they want it cleaned before we hand it over.

Now in order to get this project down, the Lubbock Performing Arts Association has to raise 45 million (they say they already have 20 million in pledges).  That number represents a hell of a lot of gold plaques or etched bricks in a facility.

Yes, getting this money circulating through Lubbock is a good thing.  I really doubt they'll use local construction though, because everybody in Lubbock knows that everything good comes from somewhere else.

My only satisfaction is also my biggest concern; this place will NEVER pay for itself.  The numbers do not add up.  Even if it's bought and paid for on day one, it will never make enough money to pay for upkeep and staff.  That's when they'll go back to the city begging for another handout; and I really hope at that time SOMEONE has the balls to say "no".