You log in to Facebook then all of the sudden that little red bubble pops up showing all of the notifications you’ve received recently. Then, you click on the bubble thinking you’re the most popular person in the world. However, instead of it showing all the comments your friends have left on your page, all you see are those extremely annoying app and game invitations and requests for games like Farmville. It happens to all of us on a daily basis. I’ve got some tips that will help drastically reduce the amount of those notifications you receive.

Now, let me be up front with you. There isn’t an easy button you press and they all stop, but I can help cut down the stress a bit.

Follow the instructions listed below and you will see a dramatic reduction in app invites/requests. However, this only pertains to those you have already received. If a new app pops up and someone sends you an invite for that, then you’ll have to repeat this process.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on Globe in the upper left corner (by the Facebook logo) then click ‘see all notifications’
  3. Scroll down to each app/game invite you have received then click the x next to that notification then click ‘turn off’.
  4. You should no longer receive notifications from that app or game.
  5. Click here to access the app center.
  6. That will take you to the app center that monitors all requests you have received. Make sure the tab that says ‘all’ is selected so you’ll take care of web and mobile app requests. (Image 1)
  7. Click the X to the right of the request. (Image 1)
  8. You will now see the choice to block the app and to ignore all requests from the person/people that sent you the request. I typically block the app (which blocks future invites from all friends) and also ignore all requests. It’s not that I don’t like these people; heck, in most cases they don’t even know they’re sending me the request or invitation. You can always change that in your privacy settings.

Image 1

Image 2

Like I said, this won’t stop the frustration completely but it will help reduce the annoying notifications dramatically.

However, repeating this process from time to time will also take care of any new apps that pop up.