I became a fan of Sushi less than five years ago. Trust me, it's one of those things that you WISH you would have known about sooner. First off, sushi is not raw fish. Sushi can have raw fish in it, but straight up raw or marinated fish is Sushimi. Now that we got you past most peoples major fears, let's talk a bit more and maybe even check out a video about how to eat sushi.

Next up on the 'fear of sushi' list is the wrapping.  Most sushi is wrapped in seaweed.  Relax, it's practically tasteless.

For me, the cardinal rule of eating sushi is simple-pop the whole thing into your mouth at one time. You need the intermingling of all flavors to really experience your piece of sushi.  There is also the fact that the sushi more often than not will fall apart if you just try to bite off a piece of it.

Another problem people have is how to 'dress' your sushi.  It's pretty simple, you just dip one of the non rice sides into you soy sauce.  If you develop a taste for wasabi (which I freakin' love) you can mix it into you soy, or you can do what I do and spread it straight onto your roll.

So where do you get started?  I'd say with some type of vegetarian roll. I am by no means a vegetarian what-so-ever, but going with a veggie roll will make your first experience a good one.  There are pretty much a bazillion types of sushi rolls, so just look for something that has ingredients that you like.  A lot of rolls have cream cheese in them, which is about as inauthentic as you can get, but who cares?  When you get right down to it, sushi is vegetables and rice in a little wrapper, sometimes with fish, but usually with whatever you want in there.

One other thing. I've been to the best Japanese Steakhouses in town and the cheapest Chinese buffets.  I have not noticed any big problem with the quality of the sushi available in either, the only difference seems to be in the varieties available.

Get your roll on this weekend.  Check out the video if you want more tips.....but it's just food.  Give it a shot.