I was trying to come up with topics for blogs and I thought of those "Irresistible Headlines." Yeah, the headline I used is one of them (so no, this has no actual information on "how to get ANY woman to show you her breasts.").  So, on the other side, five more "irresistible headlines."

Here's what I came up with for headlines that would definitely make you want to read further.

*Something you do everyday is probably giving you cancer*

*Shocking video: local news reporter shows off ability to put banana all the way down her throat*

*Free Bacon*

*Local politician hospitalized for having two dozen Barbie heads in rear*

*Unicorn spotted crapping real Skittles Candies along 34th Street"

*Free penis enlargement for all readers*

and maybe

*Dogs caught talking: the secret ability they've been hiding for centuries"

I don't know about you, but I think those would all be "must read" articles.