Oh my, college students have found a "fun" way to drink, what will we do? Before you know it women will be showing their ankles in public!  Oh, the scandal!   Well since college students have been finding fun ways to drink for the last 100 years or so, how about we shut up about it and have some fun ourselves! Myself, I'd just drink the Vodka and throw the gummies at people or something.  More after the jump.


I saw a report on another site about the dangers of Vodka soaked gummy bears.  Personally I think the option of generating a rainbow spew for the end of the night is less than attractive, but maybe it's your thing.  Now, before we all get up in arms, let's not forget that most folks have had watermelon, cherries, or pineapple soaked in booze.  For some reason now that it's candy, it's more dangerous?  I don't think so.  I also think that it is incredibly unlikely that the people eating them don't know what they are getting into.  So anyways, screw the scaremongers, here's how to make your own!

How about "sour worm" gummies?

How about giant Lifesavers gummies?

How about a watermelon?