Imagine being a seven year old little boy and being "forced" to go to work with your dad. For some kids that might not be their idea of fun, but what if your dad was a rock star?

Granted it is not uncommon for families of bands to join them on tour, after all in many cases that is one of the few ways the entire family can spend some much needed family time together.

In the past few months we have heard a lot about the lead singer of this band taking a good hard look at himself and realizing he had to make some changes, for himself, and his family.

Since the release of their new album this guy has kicked drugs and alcohol and had traded them for working out, clean living and family time. He and his wife of over 20 years are also expecting their third child, another son, later this year.

Now, this guy is even sharing his passion for life and music with his kids in an entirely new way, while at the same time making his youngest son (who will be the middle child before much longer) feel even a bit more special by bringing the little guy up on stage with the band to join them in their first ever live father and son duet.

How freaking awesome for this family! Keep on keeping on man!!!! Things like this are the reason this band is "Still Swinging" even after 20 years.

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