I recently wrote an article called "The Top 5 Things That Suck About Lubbock". What's kind of funny is the idea that inspired it didn't even make the list. That idea/observation is that the we're allowing Lubbock to move away from Lubbock, meaning everything is moving towards Wolforth while really cool places in town are being ignored. There is some cool stuff happening on 34th street and Hub City Wings is one of them.


We hit Hub City Wings Saturday afternoon for lunch and it rocked.  I guess it's hard to mess up wings because I can honestly said I've never had any bad ones, but these were above and beyond.  I can testify that Hub City Wings are among the best.  The boneless were giant chunks of white breast meat, some as big as gold balls.  The "small" order was eight and it was almost too much.  It had a a sweet Thai sauce on mine that was perfect and my friends honey barbeque was sweet and smoky.  They had a lot of options for both "wet" and "dry" seasonings and sauces.  I can honestly say that they served the best home fries I've ever had.  I guess they had a light batter or something on them, because they were truly something special. The order was, once again, HUGE.  I couldn't even finish them.  The menu offers a bunch of different types of flavors for the fries so you can make those special too. The place is b.y.o.b. and a little small, but in addition to dine in, they are the only wings place in Lubbock that delivers.  Give 'em a shot, they are definitely worth the trip over to 1902 34th street.