The band "Whips & Kisses" will be performing a benefit show this Friday night at Jake's.  Not only do we think it would make an excellent warm up show for the 'Bash happening the following night, you could also win tickets to that show, and another show, and another show and yes, even another show.  More after the jump.


Whips n' Kisses will be playing a benefit show for the family of a fan this Friday night.  In addition there will be a raffle.  Among the prizes are tickets to the FMX Birthday Bash, X-Fest 10, Volbeat and AWOLNation.  They will be selling chances for a buck each, six for five bucks.  That's not all the prizes either, J. Keiths, Tarpley Music, and Ralph's have all pitched in.

Your contributions could go a long way to help a family who is having a very, very tough time right now.