The best way to help in any time of national disaster is through the Red Cross. The Red Cross has the infrastructure to make sure that the right things get to the right people. The next best way is by donating blood. This morning CNN reported that 300 blood drives had to be cancelled due to the storm. How you can help after the jump.


If you can, spend about ten minutes on CNN to investigate the hurricane damage for yourself (or check the video below).  Millions are without power and some are still living in putrid flood waters.  I myself seriously underestimated the damage this storm had done until I saw the reports.  I know these people would be stepping up if Texas got hit with a bunch of tornado's.  As Texans it's our duty to step up and be leaders and help others.

I actually found a simple way to donate to the Red Cross.  All you have to do is hit their Facebook page and there is a simple donate click through.  You can go there right now right here.

Another way you can always help is by donating blood.  Any time you you help with the blood supply here you help with the blood supply everywhere.  There are people in hospitals right now needing blood and with all the storms there is no way to even hold blood drives in that area.  Our local blood bank is United Blood Services at 48th & University.  Here's a link to their Facebook page.