It looks like it will be a rainy Wednesday. Sometimes there's nothing better than a rainy day and little heartfelt jam. Since we don't want to play this song over and over, I wanted to put it up on the website for you. The song is 'Caught In The Rain' by "Hurt" and it's just friggin' amazing.

This is just a lyric video with some simple images behind the lyrics, but for some reason it's unbelievably effective that way. You really get to focus in on J's vocals and words.  This is truly an amazing song and an amazing performance by the guys in Hurt.

Make no mistake, this is grown up music for people with a little emotional depth, but there is also so intense, hard parts to the song that are unleashed at just the right time to blow the lid off.  J. Loren is a master craftsman and this is on of his best.

Check out 'Caught In The Rain'.