Check it out all you chuckle heads we JUST got word that the Hurt show scheduled for THIS Friday night (June 15) in The Room of Doom at Jake's is a GO! Here's the deal.... and by "DEAL" I mean DEAL, in more than one way!

Tickets for this show will go on sale tomorrow morning at Ralph's for .... are you ready for this... for, TEN BUCKS! yes, you read that RIGHT TEN BUCKS .... $10.00... or if you can't get by Ralph's before Friday night you can score tickets at the door for a mere THIRTEEN DOLLARS! Yes, People $13... ONE, THREE !!

Any of you that caught these guys last time (or any time) they have played here know that they give 1000% of themselves through their music and they put on one bad ass show!

Last time they were here they played NON STOP for OVER 2 ... YES TWO... FULL hours!!!

Not only will you be able to hear some kick ass music and more likely than not get the chance to meet the band you will also get to do it for cheap! Also on the bill, will be OTHERWISE, and as an added bonus you will be among the first in town to see a new up and coming band called Tony Davis and the Gunslingers (with none other than Gunner Driver on drums!).

In the past month we have had SEVERAL awesome bands in the Back Room at Jake's and sadly the attendance has been VERY low. I am extending a challenge to all the loyal FMX listeners... Let's FILL this mother *ucker up Friday night!

The only way to keep getting kick ass live shows in Lubbock is through listener support at the shows, it's the difference between driving to Jake's or out to the ampitheater and the possiblitiy of having to drive to Abilene, or Midland just to see a rock show

Don't let us down guys! Now you know the drill check out the videos...